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Ripcords® Circuit 7®: Advanced Workout:

Advanced Workout : Heavier resistance and a faster paced workout will give you a great strength and cardio endurance workout using Ripcords resistance bands.


It is the most efficient full body workout ever, allowing you to get the benefits of a full-body 40 minute workout in just 7 minutes!

Advanced Workout:

Depending on your level of fitness, Circuit7® allows you take to take your workout to the next level whenever you are ready. As you get comfortable with the routine and the resistance, you can challenge yourself for even better results. If the resistance gets too light, move up to a heavier cord. If you want to burn more fat, try doing the Circuit7® more than once. You could do one Circuit7® routine in the morning before work, then another after work. Or you could even do 2 or 3 in a row for a great cardio workout.


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Circuit7® Ripcords® DVD

The Circuit7® routine incorporates the proven results of circuit training, and takes it to another level. Because you hold the next exercise in your hands, it allows for rapid movement from exercise to exercise. This means you do not waste time moving from machine to machine, waiting in line, or reconfiguring your all-in-one home machine. And because it is completely portable you do not waste time driving to the gym. You can workout at home, at work, on the road, or even at the beach on a sunny day.
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Free Weights Circuit7® DVD with Michelle Jeanpierre

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