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Warning: Always follow the safety information provided with Ripcords® resistance bands and Circuit7®.

You should consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program.

Caution: Ripcords® resistance bands are 99.998% FREE of soluble proteins (Latex Allergens), but they may contain a trace of latex and are not recommended for those with latex allergies.

Results will vary. Weight loss may be temporary as exercise and proper diet are required to maintain long-term weight loss and muscle gain. Although Circuit7® provides cardio vascular benefits, Ripcords® recommends walking, jogging, swimming or some other cardio vascular or aerobic activity in addition to Ripcords® exercise bands and Circuit7® for optimal health. Some of the users who have written testimonials on this site may have been participating in additional cardio vascular activities to achieve their results.
Free Weights Circuit7® DVD with Michelle Jeanpierre

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