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Circuit7® Complete Athletic Training

Total Value of: $172.74
You Save: $25.79 or 15%

Web Price: $146.95



  • Ripcords® Resistance Bands - 5 Pack
  • Circuit7® Ripcords® DVD
  • Door Hook Attachment
  • Astone Anti-Burst Exercise Ball
  • Ripcords ® Leg Cords - 4 pack
  • Travel Bag
  • Stretch Buddy - Stretch Strap

Product Description:

Michael Macdonald's Circuit7® fitness system is the most dynamically efficient training program on the market today. Circuit7® routines are designed to be a consistent workout for 7 minutes. Each new exercise continues to work aspects of the muscles used in the previous exercise. This means that your muscles are not only being worked twice as long, they are also being worked in a different manner than in the previous exercise, making you more athletic and less prone to injury.

Astone Anti-Burst Exercise Ball features extra strength anti-burst materials which can safely handle a maximum of 600 pound. Includes a 25 Year replacement warranty, a manual inflating foot or hand pump, 8 sample exercises with instruction manual, and an additional Ball Plug and Plug Remover.

The Complete Athletic Training package combines the revolutionary Circuit7® fitness system with a 5 pack of Ripcords® resistance bands, an Exercise Ball and 4 Leg Cords to give you a complete home gym at your fingertips. Just hook on to the nearest door handle and you're on your way to peak physical fitness with Circuit7® and Ripcords®. After exercising, grab The Stretch Buddy and ease those sore muscles back to full health.



Free Weights Circuit7® DVD with Michelle Jeanpierre

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